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Christmas Stories

Free, Printable Short Christmas Stories

Free Short Christmas Stories

Looking for a collection of Free Short Christmas Stories covering a variety of topics from the books and works of famous authors? Search no more!

Our Free Online Classic Short stories will prove to be favourites with adults and children alike! Some come from books by famous authors such as A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, others from Hans Christian Andersen - we have also included Twas a Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore. All of our on-line Festive yarns are completely free and printable! The following selection of famous short xmas stories will provide hours of reading pleasure

Free Xmas Tales

Enjoy our selection of free Xmas tales. A lovely collection of Xmas stories to help you enjoy the the spirit of fun and excitement that is associated with festive cheer. Xmas stories are magical, they make great bedtime stories. Celebrate this very special time of the year. Enjoy the magic of these wonderful Xmas stories! A wonderful selection of Free, Short Inspirational and Motivational Stories.

Short Xmas Stories

Twas The Night Before Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas Story

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Tree

Christmas at Fezziwig's Warehouse

The Cratchits' Christmas Dinner

The Poor Relation's Story

What Christmas is as we Grow Older

A Visit from St. Nicholas

Tiny Tim

The Child's Story

The Schoolboy's Story

Nobody's Story


The Fir Tree

The Little Match Girl

How the Fir Tree became the Christmas Tree

The Legend of the Christmas Tree

Little Piccola

Félix by Evaleen Stein

The First Christmas Roses

The Children of Wind and the Clan of Peace by Fiona Macleod

The Mystic Thorn

Legend of St. Christopher

The Christmas at Greccio: A Story of St. Francis

The Sin of the Prince Bishop

A Christmas Legend

The Sabot of Little Wolff

The Little Friend

Where Love Is, There God Is Also

How The Good Gifts Were Used By Two

The Snowman Story

The House of the Seven Santas

The Christmas Present

The Christmas Tree and The Wedding

Christmas Night with Satan

The Christmas Party

Christmas Chimes

All of these online classic yarns and stories are completely free and printable! There are different Xmas themes to suit your every mood! Sad, Touching, Funny and Inspirational subjects are all covered! The plots are Heart warming and touching and the narrative style of many great authors are really enjoyable adding pleasure to your choice of short, online free Xmas stories!

Free Short Christmas Stories

These free, online short xmas stories for the Festive season will enable you to get into the Christmas spirit! Calm excited children down by reading them a great Xmas fable! We have included the famous and celebrated "Twas The Night Before Christmas Story" by Clement Moore and this section would be incomplete without A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens! Heart-warming, touching and inspirational! Keep up, or even start a family tradition, by reading the "Twas The Night Before Christmas Story" every Yuletide Eve. The kids and children will love it, even the teenagers!

Classic Free Short Xmas Stories

We have included a selection of Classic Free Short Xmas Stories from the books of famous authors such as the celebrated Charles Dickens. Great tales from these authors about the Fir Tree, Fezziwig's Warehouse and the great and famous Christmas Carol.

Free Short Xmas Stories for Children

We have also include sections just for the Kids! Free Online Bedtime Xmas Stories for children. All of our short online children stories for the Festive season are completely free and printable! Children will love to hear the famous Xmas stories by great authors. These great and famous authors can weave enchanting tales and yarns based on folklore and stories from Xmas times from the past. The plots allow for portrayals of classic traditions, which will delight children of all ages! Read these wonderful Yuletide stories to children, transport them into a magical world and fire their imagination!

Forget the TV - Relax with some great, short stories!
Lose yourself in a gripping, funny, magical or inspirational anecdote! TV is great but leaves little to the imagination! Spend some quality time with the kids by reading them a quick bedtime story - they don't take long and will help in the education of your children! There are so many Yule tide tales to choose from! Why not buy a kindle? Its the perfect way to read all your favorite stories, e-book readers are an ideal gift!

Free Short Christmas Stories

The internet is a great resource for literature - you don't even need to go to the library! No more fines - just select free, printable famous Christmas stories - read them and then throw them away - better still, create your own folder, or book, of favourite Xmas tales! Famous yarns from the books of the greatest famous authors! Dickens, Hans Christian Andersen and Clement Moore to name but a few! We hope you get hours of enjoyment from reading our selection of famous free online Xmas stories.

Online printable Free Short Festive Stories

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